The Media Magnet

Learn how to gain the attention of the media in 30 days without the price tag of a publicist.

Do you want to gain media attention for your business but don’t know where to start?

Do you have an awesome product/service to share? Allow me to help you to attract your target clients through the media.
Does the idea of going live three or four times a day on social media stress you out?
Do you have a small email list and need to learn how to reach your ideal clients on a shoestring budget?
Do you want to gain media attention but aren’t sure if they would feature you?

Let me help you learn the valuable tools needed to gain media attention over and over again without posting multiple times on social media and you don’t even need to have a list. My proven step-by-step digital course blueprint will take you from introverted business owner to media magnet!

Hey friends! I’m Tameka.

I’ve worked in the children and family industry for over 25 years and while doing so I gained the attention of the media – WITHOUT A PUBLICIST. I got my first media opportunity when a casting producer reached out to me. The rest was history. Ever since then, I’ve learned the secret to gaining steady media placements that cause producers to reach out to you and beg you to be featured time and time again. 

People began asking me how I gained media attention and was it hard. In a word. No. It is not hard and I want to help you learn the secrets so you will no longer have to spend hours on social media and/or building a list and hope people show up and buy. 

I want to help YOU learn how to become a MEDIA MAGNET so that you can promote your business in the way that feels good to you while also setting you apart as the expert.

My business changed when
I gained media attention

I was able to gain clients all over the world in countries I couldn’t even pronounce!

I was immediately positioned as the expert in my field.

I was able to charge more for my services and have clients on the waitlist to buy from me.

I became #1 best seller the day I launched my last book...before noon…and even beat Oprah!

I launched The Media Magnet to empower entrepreneurs who want to expand their influence and impact without paid Ads. Especially people who are just like me, introverted and hate going live on social media. The Media Magnet will teach you how to gain steady media placements that will catapult your impact and income! You will learn every tool, software and system needed to gain steady media placements.

If you’re anything like me, introverted and hate to go live on social media every week yet you got a business to promote.

You want to increase your influence and impact and speak to as few people in the process as possible.


What’s inside The Media Magnet?

Check it out…

Sales Mind

Learn how to think like a strategic salesperson in order to sell your most valuable asset–YOU!

Media Mind

Wanna know what makes a journalist/producer book you as a guest? Learn how to develop the mindset of a media professional in order to attract more opportunities.


Learn how to become a master storyteller so that you can share your story in a way that compels your audience to take action.


Pitching your story to the media is an art and a science. Let’s break down the parts of a successful pitch.

Media Tools

There are certain tools that make becoming a featured guest easier. You will learn those tools of the media and incorporate them into your schedule with as little as 5 mins per day.

Your Featured Power

Now that you’ve been featured, learn how to use this to leverage more media opportunities and increased sales.

Here’s what our past clients have to say


" Thank you, Tameka Anderson, after learning to tell my story I was offered a major opportunity."

- Genisha M.


"Tameka is an amazing woman. She taught me how to market my law firm and I am so busy now I have to hire someone soon.”

- Meghan T.


"Tameka is like a guru. She hates that word however it fits her because she is extremely knowledgeable and will help you get results.”

- Jackie S.

The Media Magnet makes attracting media opportunities easy

I’ve thought of everything to help you go from media novice to media maven quickly! You’ll know how to become the person who attracts the media with ease.

You don’t have to spend hours and years trying to figure it out. Especially if you have an amazing product or service that you want to offer right now and no money to waste.

I want to lock arms with you and get it done. You have me, and my ADHD as my superpower that cuts through the unnecessary drama and steps to help you get results QUICKER! I want to help you gain media attention with ease.

My Course

Your Brand

Media Opportunities

What makes The Media Magnet different from other trainings like it?


Lifetime access to material.

Limited access to material.


Lifetime access to our private Facebook group. You can go back and review whatever you need whenever you need.

Limited access means the group is archived once the class ends. If you’re not good with taking notes and/or screenshots then good luck!


Me + you + laser focus = break through blocks so that YOU get the results you seek.

They talk so much about themselves oftentimes I am not getting everything I need from them.


Don’t have a long list? Just getting started in your industry? No worries. The media isn’t looking for your audience. They have their own. Just copy my proven process, implement, and attract!


The Media Magnet is perfect no matter what your industry. There are media opportunities looking to feature your brand.


The great thing about gaining media attention is not only does it help add credibility, it is also FREE advertising for your business!

Here’s everything you’re going to get

Answers to your questions

No, you will NOT be going through The Media Magnet training alone. You will be receiving LIVE weekly coaching with me until TMM ends. Each week we lock arms as you go through the course. As long as you’re willing to show up and do the work, I WILL HELP YOU GET RESULTS.

Since this is a knowledge-based course and knowledge CANNOT be reversed once learned, this course is NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions.

Enrollment/Registration opens up on June 30, 2022 at 4 PM EST. This 6-week ONLINE course will begin on August 1, 2022 at 9 AM EST. These trainings will be released on the same day and will be dripped WEEKLY to prevent you from skipping lessons. 1 module per week.

Trainings are not scheduled in advance.

I only launch a training when I know that I can dedicate 6-weeks straight to my students since I’m running multiple companies alongside this one. Once the class is full, you will know by clicking on the payment link. A message will appear letting you know that registration has closed.

Let’s help you gain media attention for your brand by becoming newsworthy. This training is also for those who are introverted and hate dealing with social media. 

It would be helpful for you to have a business already or at least expertise for a business. The media doesn’t care about your followers. They are looking for experts.

ABSOLUTELY! I love certifications! I hope you do too. Everyone will receive a certificate of completion once all modules are completed.

Nope. You guarantee your results. You show up, apply the knowledge and do the work, you can guarantee your results. Key word. You.

No, you do not have to log in to your training at a specific time each day. However, I expect you to dedicate at least 3-5 hours per week to this training (less than a part-time job). Modules are automatically released every Monday at 8 am. You will receive an email notification letting you know that you may log in and access the current week’s module.

This training is exclusively online (you can always log in to TMM or the Academy training by coming back to this website and clicking on the login button at the top right-hand corner of the page).

Yes, there is. You may click on the waitlist button on this website to opt-in to receive email notifications on future trainings. You may also text the word MAGNET 888-809-2518 to join our text notification list. Text notifications are preferable.

You will have lifetime access to the course curriculum in TMM.